Need advice: Panny 14-45, 12-35, or 14-140 for travel lens.

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Re: Decided to just consider GM1 kit.

baxters wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:


I'm thinking of adding one of the following lenses for current GX1 kit. A lens for general travel, cruises, walk around photography. Not a pro just a weekend snapper.

Considering one of the following:

  • 14-45 (not expensive, slow f3.5-f5.6, older design)
  • 12-35 (expensive but "pro quality" f2.8)
  • 14-140 ( one lens does all, but reportedly afflicted with "shutter shock")

What lens would you suggest?

I'm leaning heavily towards either 14-45 or 12-35.

Just not sure if 12-35 @ $1000 is that much better than 14-45 @$300. Is it?

FWIW, I have 7-14, and 25 PanLeica, and plan to keep both, adding Oly 45 in future.

Also planning to add GX7 or M10 body in future. Want to carry 2 MFT cameras when traveling to avoid lens swapping as much as I can.

You're over 70 years old, if I remember past posts? You have posted about not having the energy to walk around as much as you want. I hope your health has improved, really, but do you really want to carry two cameras when travelling?

Leave the GX1 back in the room for a backup. Get the GX7 or EM10 . The better ISO performance will give you a stop over the GX1, so the newer and lighter 14-140 will work at ISO 6400. Keep the 25mm when it gets really dark. Use the 7-14 as you always used it.

Consider a 12-32 for the new camera if you really need lightness.

Greetings baxters , and all others who chimed in with really thoughtful ideas, and recommendations.  It is much appreciated.

I've decided to just hang on with what I already have, and not add anymore lenses.   Maybe sell or pass along to family.   It wast just thinking out load "wants vs. needs".  The Walter Mitty in me.  :).

But instead , I'm going to focus my attention on the diminutive GM1 kit.  I think GM1 kit,  and my RX100 is all I need just for cruises vacations, moderate walking photo ops, and taking family memory snaps.    I'm thinking that at this stage in my life,  plus my ongoing medical issues , I can't or want to carry more gear, and so I can just go out and enjoy taking pictures.

Regards to all, and thanks again.

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