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nickels25 wrote:

Hi all,

I'm looking at trading in my D700 for a smaller bodied full frame or high resolution camera. Was looking at the Sony A7 and NEX7. I mostly would use it for hiking and portraits but will do the occasional wedding. Can I get feedback on how these cameras do in weddings to landscape work? Is Sony glass just as good as Nikon or Canon? Do you think other companies will start going the route of the A7?

If you are used to full frame and like to shoot that format, you will probably be better off with the A7. That said, I shot Nikon film for many years and had enough of FF. The N7 (APS-C) is so much more forgiving and produces impressive results. For those that have never shot FF, it may be worth a try to get it out of their system. I just think it is harder to shoot and without paying attention to DOF, your pictures can be ruined until you get the hang of it. There is some very good glass for Sony and despite what many believe, prices are competitive with some of the best Nikon or Canon glass. Unless you are looking for really obscure glass, the only thing missing right now is a good wide angle lens.

Although many complain about the lack of FF glass for the A7/A7R, I think it is probably an advantage. Technology improvements are going to make their way to the glass that Sony delivers for these lenses. You are seeing it already with the 35, 55 and 24-70. This compares to Nikon and Canon that have some AF lenses that are in need of updates.

You might consider the A6000 as well. I don't personally feel the need to update my NEX-7 or 5N but see many current NEX users that are going to. The price seems right but I really don't have the need for any faster AF than what I've got. The other amenities such as wifi are not doing anything for me either. It takes a long time to get used to any new camera. I'd rather be able to quickly adjust settings from memory rather than go through the learning curve again. I've never understood those that have multiple contemporary cameras. I'd go through some major indecision if I had that many choices always second guessing myself.

Good luck.

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