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billslatteryjr wrote:

OK say one usually lands up cropping away 1/4-1/2 of a bird, insect, animal... photo. Now they use a 1.4 teleconverter that causes a 5%-10% loss in sharpness. But that same shot now gets a lot less cropped away. Wouldn't one get a better photo using the teleconverter as long as the shutter speed stays fast enough for the subject?

It's a little more complicated than that.

First, admit that you pulled that 5-10% number out of your @ss!

As you noted, a teleconverter takes away at least a stop of lens speed, meaning you are shooting at a higher ISO or a slower shutter speed. Neither is good for sharpness.

A teleconverter slows down focus speed as the AF sensors have had the light available to them cut in half at least (up to 4X less light with a 2X TC). Lens sharpness is irrelevant if you can't get the subject in focus.

However, a teleconverter also allows one to utilize all of the camera's pixels on a smaller subject than otherwise possible. It also magnifies the subject in the viewfinder which could allow for more accurate focusing.

I own and use a TC14EII and have generally been happy with it (used with an 80-200/2.8 AF-S and 105VR micro). I bought and sold a Sigma 2X TC that left me a bit disappointed with every shot where it was used (on a rented Sigma 120-300/2.8 OS).

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