Considering leaving M43 for flash options

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Considering leaving M43 for flash options

I really don't want to switch systems as I think the M43 lens selections and bodies are awesome. I really have been loving living in my Panasonic world with a side of Olympus and Ricoh. But I do like to use strobes and speedlites and I am wanting to do more experimenting and practice.

The one thing I absolutely miss from my Canon gear is being able to control groups of speedlites easily from the menu or even just have one Radio wireless TTL flash that I can count on at an event to always get the shot. I know people dismiss TTL and I am willing to give that up to, but with my Panasonic I am still limited by the flash sync speed.

With the new Yongnuo TTL triggers and flashes and all the other options that are available, building a flash kit with Canon, makes going back there very attractive, just for that. I have been making a lot of post in different forums on possible getting new gear only because the way I am compensated at work, March -April is the time of year if I am going to make some purchases, this is the easiest time to do it. I am not willy nilly wanting to try something else, but I am calculating some purchases that will let me do the type of experimenting over the next year I want to do.

I have considered buying an Olympus body and trying the Aokatec light relay triggers. but its still pretty wonky and I just want a simple and reliable system. TTL is nice when you can put a big strobe in a room or have someone hold a light and be able to get the correct exposure the first time pretty reliably.

I did just order a Godox/Neewer/Cheetah V850 and remote trigger that will allow me to adjust power manually which is cool, but there still doesn't seem to be a way to cheat the sync speed for daylight shots on my Panasonic G5.

I was so hoping that the Quantum Trio system for Panasonic would have emerged, but it seems like its dead in the water. I think Sony has some nice stuff, but I am not inspired by it, but I could still keep a small system and have a lot more wireless TTL flash options available.

My last option is just to buy different fixed lens bodies and use manual flash across multiple platforms and have the advantage of being able to use full flash power up to max shutters most of the time. I am talking about my Ricoh GR, and maybe adding the Sigma quattro, Leica Vario, Fuji X100s, Canon G1Xm2, or Sony RX10. The last two just for play as I know the IQ will not hold up but seem very fun and flexible.

I should also mention I can sync my FZ200 all the to 1/2000th so that one will be hanging around for sure. I am blown away by the portraits it does.

Anyway these are thing I am considering and reserve the right to change my mind or opinion as I learn!

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