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c mills wrote:

nickels25 wrote:

Hi Mark,

I sold all my Nikkor glass to pay for Grad school. Sucks but had to do it. Starting completely fresh but looking for smaller more portable camera that will still get me pro-grade images.

Fresh starts can be fun. Also consider a NEX6 + 16-70 f/4. Nice small package with a great sensor and you'd have a constant aperture. You can cheaply add a zoom lens right now as well. While it may "only" be 16MP, I personally haven't found 24MP to offer any benefit even when cropping.

Or if the latest gear is your thing and you can wait a couple months the NEX6/7 successor will be available, which does have slightly more MP.

I really like my NEX 6+16-70/4 OSS combo because it gives me that 24-105 coverage in a small package. I would have preferred the A7 but only if Sony has given us that 24-105/4 lens with it. For me the 24-70 is short on the long end as I love to take heads and shoulders shots which I find more appealing @ 70mm (1.5 cropper)/ @ 105mm full-frame. Having said this, since the A6000 will be available in a couple of months, I would wait for that instead of the NEX-6.

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