Prediction: Booming compact camera sales in three years

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Daddy, what's that old man over their got?

A social gathering, circa 2034.  Young child (born 2029) sees a scruffy elder stooped over a strange dark object with a glass protrusion.

Tugs parent's sleeve and asks: "Daddy, what's that old man over their holding?"

Father (born 2005): "Gee.  I don't know.  Let's ask your Grampaw.  Hey, Dad, what's that thingy that fellow over there is lugging around?"

Grandfather (born 1980): "Sonny, that there's a camera, what they used to call a DEE-ESSEL-OR.'

Father: "A diesel?  Very strange.  Does it power his pacemaker or dialysis machine?"

Child: "No, Daddy.  A dinosaur.  You know, the warty lizards that used to thump around."

Then, to everyone's surprise, the lurking oldster pivots towards the crowd, raises the prehistoric beast to his face, and a horrific burst of light fills the room.  People scream and run.  A brave few stand their ground, trigger their "handies" or "smart earrings," and stun the geezer with a pulse of ultrasound.   Bystanders encircle the fallen relic, who softfly murmurs his last:

In three years.  Just three more years.  Cameras will make a comeback.  I know it.

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