Defective RX10, so dissappointed with Sony

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Defective RX10, so dissappointed with Sony

I bought an RX10 on Dec 10, to be an upgrade from my Nex-7 when traveling on trips that aren't primarily photography trips. I have been an active photog fro 14 years, including pro work and extensive travel photography. I have owned at least 15 camera bodies including Sony, Panasonic, Canon and Leica.

When the camera arrived (from Adorama) I was impressed. But one thing was kind of weird, the SD slot was kind of "sticky," The card didn't slide in and out easily like it is supposed to. Now, with 20-20 hindsight I should have sent it back as defective. But in truth, I have never bought any electronics that arrived DOA or mis-manufactured. It just never occurred to me that it was broken. I just figured I would use extra care and it would behave normally in no time.

Instead, after a few usages over 3 weeks, the card refused to go in more than half way. I never forced the card or anything like that. Peering into the slot with a light and magnifying glass, I could see there were some metal parts of the mechanism that weren't where they should be, as compared to my other cameras.

I was just over the 30 day return with Adorama. So I went on the Sony service site, did a work order, and sent the camera to the Laredo warranty facility. I explained clearly what had happened, that it came damaged from the factory, and I was not at fault.

A few days later I get an email saying that since I damaged the camera I would have to pay $250+ to have it fixed. I fired off an explanatory email. I also ask them to consider exactly how a person would break the SD slot, by inserting a card? I mean, really, how exactly could you accomplish this? (especially if you are a person that has been doing this nearly daily for 14 years?)

I get no response, so after two days I call. It takes about 20 minutes to get through to someone that can actually look at my work order and talk to me. His position is that they are "losing money on the repair." I say "well that is what a warranty is for."

Time is getting short though, and the trip that I actually purchased this camera for is now just 7 business days away. I reluctantly agree to pay $100 when he says he can have it fixed that day, and expedited shipped so I can have it for my trip to Mexico.

It never arrived. When I went to the repair site and entered in my work order the day before I left, the site says my camera is still being repaired and no further info was available.

I posted a thread on the sony cybershot forum, and that made someone contact me. Eventually they found my camera, shipped it to me, and it WAS NOT FIXED.

At this point I request that a) I be reimbursed for the camera and b) I'll send it to them so they can fix and sell as a refurb.

They refuse, consider to state it is my fault. They refuse to talk to me on the phone, or name the person in charge of the group I'm emailing with.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I could get reasonable service from Sony? I appreciate all suggestions!

Sony Alpha NEX-7 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10
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