Can FF lenses be used on ASPC cameras?

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Re: Can FF lenses be used on ASPC cameras?

Can FE lenses be used on the current Nexes? If so, are there any drawbacks to using them?


Yes. Any E-mount lens (FE or E) can be used on any E-mount body. When using a FF lens on APSc as you intend to, the camera will use only the middle part of the FF lens for imaging.

For example, you could use either E 35/1.8 OSS or FE 35/2.8 ZA on a NEX-6. Both will provide the same field of view. But since FE lens is designed to create an image circle two times larger than an E lens, you will be using only the middle part of the larger image circle from an FE lens and the same size as the E lens.

Conversely, an E lens can also be used on E-mount FE (FF) bodies. However, since lenses designated as "E" (E 35/1.8 OSS for example) create a smaller image circle, you might want to use the FF with APSc setting on.

The drawbacks to using FE lenses on APSc bodies? As of now, the FE lenses are only higher end and that includes absence of optical stabilization and higher price tag. You can overlook this if you expect to move up to FF in the foreseeable future otherwise you can stay with any of the E lenses.

Although, if you are shopping for something like 70-200/4, then FE is the logical option (the lens will work like 105-300mm equiv on APSc bodies giving you more reach than it would on FF).

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