Can FF lenses be used on ASPC cameras?

Started Feb 26, 2014 | Discussions thread
nevercat Veteran Member • Posts: 3,193
Re: Can FF lenses be used on ASPC cameras?

Absence Of Faith wrote:

Can FE lenses be used on the current Nexes? If so, are there any drawbacks to using them?


FF lenses can be used on every E-mount camera, it does not matter if it is a camera with a FF sensor or one with a APS sized sensor.

The FE lenses (FF E-mount lenses work without adapter and, as far as I know without any real drawbacks IQ, or feature wise.

The only drawbacks for FF lenses are Size and Price (the will be larger and more expensive then APS lenses). So when size and /or priceis realy important go for APS lenses, otherwise you could buy both, when you buy FE lenses you will be able to use them on a FF E-mount camera and use the whole sensor, not only a crop part of it

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