Stalking a Snowy Owl Part 2 (7 photos)

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Stalking a Snowy Owl Part 2 (7 photos)

As the story goes my group and I found this Snowy Owl in a frozen over marina at a waterfront park, This owl is very hard to spot initially until you know what you're looking for. All shots in all 3 parts were with the Sigma 500mm F4.5 and Sigma 1.4x.

Part 2 continues as the owl had just flown over our heads and we had to find out where it decided to land.

Spotted, and not too fare away

100% (1:1) crop of the previous image

Moving in a little closer

Just a little closer

It had just taken a short flight to the other side of the harbour, if we were to walk around the long way it'd take as much as 30 minutes even though the distance from where we were to it by line of sight was relatively short

100% (1:1) crop of the previous photo

One last shot before someone on the other side just out for a jog made it decide to fly away, sorry no decent shots of it in flight that time

Part 3 picks up where we found it landed again.

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Flat view
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