Moving to 4K - Sony AX100 vs Panasonic GH4?

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Color grading

thorn- wrote:

jkoch2 wrote:
Many people who buy the GH4 will decide to shoot only 1080p, after they find out the added hurdles and dubious yield of 4k, or discover that 10 bit 4.2.2 looks no different than 8 bit 4.2.0, after compression for streaming or conversion to 1080p.

True enough, if you just shoot and upload to YouTube.

But the 10/422 vs 8/420 have less to do with what looks different when you're observing the footage, and more to do with post. In post, 10/422 offer significant advantages. The eye can't see much (if any difference), but the software certainly can.

Advanced color grading matters if you have content shot with multiple cameras under assorted light conditions and need to make them converge or obtain a particular look. But that takes a lot of work.

The small guy is probably better off doing whatever is possible (or not) to get the best possible light for an event or topic when shooting with one or two cameras on a single occcasion. Some post adjustments can be made, even with only 8 bit 4.2.0 video and no transcoding. Advanced alterations may not even be appreciated. What bride wants lead-bronze skin of the Spartans in "300" or the greenish high priests in "Apocalypto"?

Editing is hard enough without delving into advanced specialties. After all, Commercial pilots or ship captains rely on GPS, radar, and auto-pilot to handle most of navigation.

I don't discredit the value of 10-bit 4.4.4 300mbps video for some high end purposes, but merely suggest that most people would obtain no advantage or get over their heads fast.

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