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Have you had the time to make your comparison shots with the 38mm f1.8 and 40mm f1.4 ?

I am mainly curious to see how the 40mm does wide open against the 38mm and the difference in bokeh...


Hi, I haven't made any side by side comparison shots yet. I have used both lens quite a bit, though, and so far I can tell that:

a) the 38mm seems a better choice for shooting outdoors. It appears to be a bit sharper at f/4..f/8 (can't tell for sure about this though), has a little wider angle of view, and, what's most important, it is easier to focus and is noticeably more compact and light than the 40mm one.

b) the 40mm is better for shooting in low light and indoors, however the latter use is somewhat limited by its focal length.

Bokeh is a matter of personal preference and largely depends on the scene you're going to shoot. I'll try to shoot a few different scenes with both and bring some samples.

I also got a 100mm f/3.5 lens which turned out a cute small lens with great potential. One feature of the pen-f lens lineup (or at least the two lens I already had) that it lacks is the short minimum focusing distance which for this lens is about 1.5 meters. I haven't done much shooting with it yet, but it seems to be quite sharp wide open (with little to no improvement stopped down), but lacks contrast. However, the latter may be due to glossy inner surface of the adapter (I had to buy a different model, because this lens didn't fit into the one I already had). This problem becomes more apparent as you close the diaphragm: a bright spot appears in the center of the frame. I am familiar with this issue (had it with M42 lens), and know that it can be fixed easily by painting the reflective surface with a matte black paint.

So I painted both adapters, and when the paint dries and the lighting conditions are good, I will retry my test shots. I hope it will happen tomorrow.

Here are some useful links:

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