Protea via Zerene stacker A7R macro

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Re: Protea via Zerene stacker A7R macro


I really don't know how stacking is going to improve sharpness .

But then , I've never done it so that's just me .

When you take a photo of most flowers you get what you focus on sharp and depending on the depth of field of the lens/camera combo other parts of the flower are usually not as sharp. Large flowers with protuding parts like Hibiscus are difficult to capture with all parts sharp.

The Protea is a reasonably large flower perhaps 3 to 4 inches across. So the challenge is to see if you can get all parts of the flower sharp. The closest parts right through to the distant parts. You can take several photos focusing on different parts of the flower. Then use software to stack the photos and hopefully get a result where everything is sharp. If you are in a studio with no wind then you won't have any trouble. However, if you are outside then even a gentle breeze can disturb some of the delicate parts and software will have trouble stacking them. It can be very time consuming to do this. The real work starts after the stacking has completed. Another problem is that the lens moves slightly with each focus adjustment and that affects what is seen. Those who use focus rails also introduce this problem.

Of course, you can avoid much of these problems if you use a camera with a tiny a mobile phone. If you can focus close and fill the frame with the flower you might get most parts sharp in the one photo.


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