Moving to 4K - Sony AX100 vs Panasonic GH4?

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Compressed (good) demo videos, versus clips

Lab D wrote:

jkoch2 wrote:

If 4k is compressed to 20mbs or less for streaming, it may not appear any better than HD...

We can already see this is not true. Play one of the GH4 clips on Youtube at both 1080p and 4K on a 1080p monitor. The 4K version looks spectacular despite the low bit rate.

Have you found clips?  I've found only finished demo videos. The 1080p and 4k look essentially the same on my 1080p screen, though the latter takes time to buffer.

I can't judge the 4k until I have a large 4k screen, or (hopefully sooner) get 4k GH4 clips I can crop and examine at 1080p.

All company demos look spectacular, no matter what the camera.  The jibs, cranes, drones, exclusive shots of exotic locations, and superior stabilizers help, to say nothing of the professional crews and editors.  No audio to mix, though, since the music dominates what we hear (and what we see).    Good stuff.  Very mesmerizing.  But the quotient attributable to the camera is not clear.

Someone was kind enough to furnish links to some 4k materials shot with other cameras.  The best I can say is that they crop to 25% without much IQ loss, but the base quality of the full frame was ambiguous.

Maybe a juicy 4k worm, raw and uncleansed, will dangle somewhere soon.  After testing, maybe then I'll bite.

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