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Chris Dodkin
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Re: NEW Fujifilm Camera!

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

A couple of shots from the new GF670. Velvia film, my first roll ever shooting this film, even after 20 years of photography. A bit under exposed as I was shooting into a very bright sun.

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I've always been more of an Astia person myself...but these look nice. I agree, you probably could have gotten an extra 1/2 stop or so safely.

Velvia is very very critical around exposure - I did a test set with 1 stop increments when I bought my G617 and then used that to dial-in my exposures.

The difference was far more noticeable with Velvia than any other film and certainly way more so than digital.

Glad the film came out Graham - wash;t this the damaged roll?

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