What's this??!! ( circular ring artifacts )

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Re: What's this??!! ( circular ring artifacts )

eths wrote:

Interesting if true, but the tone of the article kind of disqualifies it, IMHO.

I agree re tone. I find a lot of articles with the tone, "For what offense are we hanging him today?"

In the pharmaceutical industry, companies can test a drug in hundreds - even thousands - of patients, and study the blood tests and clinical effects in them all. Cameras simply are not developed and tested that way.

HOWEVER - despite all the testing of new drugs, we regularly discover side effects and adverse reactions never seen in the clinical trials, once the drug has been prescribed to hundreds of thousands, even millions of patients. I've seen drugs that looked perfect and safe in clinical trials get withdrawn completely for defects not appreciated until hugely used.

New cameras are more likely to have issues than new drugs. I bought my A7 prepared to accept it was very much a V1.0 camera. And like new drugs, issues could arise after it was in the hands of tens of thousands of users - issues Sony didn't encounter. That's the penalty of buying early.

Look at the photo below. Look at the sky. This was shot with the Ultra-Wide Adapter on the Sony SEL16F28. No filter. I did not PP the sky or vignette it. My only explanation is the altitude: 12,500 feet above sea level, subfreezing ambient temperature. Light at that altitude can be VERY polarized, and lens curvature could combine for the explanation. It never did anything like this at low altitudes.

I'll bet Antarctica has similar light or worse. rest assured Sony didn't send a team there to test the A7 and its lenses.

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