"Must have" and/or "best" minolta lenses

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"Must have" and/or "best" minolta lenses

I have noticed a fair amount questions about minolta lenses and also a fair amount of material online about these. But this involves searching and sifting through a lot of information to find some "diamonds in the rough".

So I decided to do this experiment, and will publish the results if I get a descent amount of response. If it doesn't work out at least we'll have tried.

Criteria, rules and things you need to know:

1) List/Vote any or all the minolta lenses you feel are a "must have", better or almost as good as any other lens out there (sony, 3rd party etc). This is not a poll because I want to capture more than one good lens and give opportunity for people to vote for more than one.

2) You MUST have tested/owned/used this lens personally. I am not interested in the reviews you may have read in the past. Preferably for more than few hours, but I am not going to add a time limit.

3) Reasons to enforce your choice is helpful. I am not going to consider just money/finance reasons but will take that into account as part of bunch of other reasons. No reasons are also fine. I am asking for reasons as I am essentially going to be deciding on how to publish the results. Just a long list with ranks may not be fair to all lenses, so I may have sub categories (or not) plus I will do my own research if something gets only one vote but a very compelling reason (eg. Minolta 600mm not many people will have owned/used this).

4) Please try not to list all your minolta lenses (especially people with a lot of them) unless they are actually that good. The more lenses you list, more I will expect to back up your choices with reasons.

5) Reply to the main post with your votes. While I encourage discussions, try not to digress too much with discussion and arguments as this is not meant for that. The discussions I will be happy to entertain to a greater extent once I publish primary results. May be we can come up with a more polished set after that.

6) I will be manually tallying and performing the analysis. Considering I don't own that many lenses, I will be looking at everything critically too. Depending on the votes, comments etc, I will also do my own research on the lenses that are voted on. I will remain impartial. At this point I do not care if a minolta lens costs $10,000 and another costs $10. If the $10K one is best then it is the best. But I am hoping expensive lenses will also get lesser votes as less people will have owned them. Hence the distribution should balance itself, theoretically.

7) If a few other people wish to help put the results together, just to make it more fair and reliable please feel free to get in touch or just mention it while you are voting.

Example (if I were voting):

Minolta AF 70-210mm f/4 aka. Beercan - sharp and nice creamy bokeh, also only one of its kind (no replacement from sony). Cheap to acquire.

Minolta AF 50mm 2.8 Macro R.S - sharp, as good as other macros in this range if not better. Has a limiter hence is better than the older version. Sharper than minolta 50mm f/1.7 and can be also be used as a general purpose lens instead of it.

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