What's this??!! ( circular ring artifacts )

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Re: What's this??!! ( circular ring artifacts )

wictred wrote:

I assume we're talking about the same circular banding that was also visible on all previous NEX models when pushing RAWs by at least 3EV in PP, right? (which can be removed by turning off lens corrections - they DO affect RAW)

On my NEX-6, the lens-corrections do NOT affect the RAW.  The lens corrections for the kit lens (vignetting, distortion and chromatic aberration) are pretty obvious, and if I open the file in RAWtherapee, I can turn any of these corrections on or off at will.

It is of course possible that Sony changed this on later models, but there has been much confusion on this issue because of RAW converters that silently make the corrections for you if the EXIF data indicates that they were set in the camera. In some cases (Sony IDC but I think it isn't the only offender) the RAW converters don't even give you the option of turning the corrections off.

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