Full frame Mirror-less or NEX7

Started Feb 25, 2014 | Discussions thread
Dr JLW Senior Member • Posts: 1,053
Re: Full frame Mirror-less or NEX7

Steve makes great point.  If you have great legacy glass for full frame, go with the full frame.  If your old glass is mediocre, use a reducer and go with APS-c.

Otherwise stay with the APS-C.  Its more than enough IQ and the lenses, even the great ones, are going to cost less.

If you do wedding professionally it may be better to go full frame as that may give potential clients a better impression, but many wedding are shot professionally  in APS-C.  If you are doing this as a guest and/or as a favor, APS-c is fine.  I got some very well appreciated shots with my 1/2" super zoom.

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