Is it crazy to consider leaving my D800 at home while I travel

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Re: From my perspective: HELL YES, IT'S CRAZY

topstuff wrote:

Uh? Is the thread not about the issue of taking heavy gear away when travelling and if it is strictly necessary? And does my post not make the point that there are now small, portable alternatives that can match the IQ of the images posted in this thread from said heavy Nikon gear?


Actually, I didn't notice that he had a OMD, but I have no way of telling or reason to discuss the IQ differences in these two cameras, suffice to say, if photography is his hobby I would assume that bringing the best camera would be the natural choice to make, otherwise sell it.

Your post asserts stuff with arrogant presumptuousness and further more, it addresses some use of a D700. Neither I nor the OP has a D700. In fact, neither of us have any of the cameras you suggest. This reduces your post to a pointless and misdirected rant, hence my astonishment.

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