Need advice: Panny 14-45, 12-35, or 14-140 for travel lens.

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Re: Need advice: Panny 14-45, 12-35, or 14-140 for travel lens.

honeyiscool wrote:

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honeyiscool wrote:

So much happens after sunset that f/5.6 can often prove useless in so many settings. Go with f/2.8.

After sunset, even an f2.8 will struggle.

Go for an f1.4, or faster, prime to augment whatever convenience lens… I mean… zoom lens one might choose.

In my experience, as long you're willing to push it to ISO 6400 (and you have to be, at night), f/2.8 is usually enough to take people shots at 1/40 or faster if you have some light (street light, etc.). At the same setting, f/5.6 is 1/10.

In my experience this is bad technique... If you were shooting with a film SLR you wouldn't all of a sudden come to the conclusion that you're going to stop shooting in the middle of a roll and load ISO6400 film. You would attach a faster lens... ISO is not a real solution... Although maybe I'm just cranky because I actually remember how to shoot with a film SLR.

To answer the question... you have a 14 to 28mm lens equivalent already, so grab the 14-140 and spend the rest on a cheap prime like the 14mm F/1.8 if you need to shoot in low light.

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