Is it crazy to consider leaving my D800 at home while I travel

Started Feb 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: From my perspective: HELL YES, IT'S CRAZY

RodluvanII wrote:

topstuff wrote:

A Fuji X100S or Sony RX1R would take better pictures and weigh a fraction of the D700. As would an A7. A little Ricoh GR could do this too and that camera is quite literally pocketable.

Tech has moved on.

You really do not need your D700 anymore. The D700 offers NO advantages, None at all, for pictures like this.

Obviously, but he doesn't have any of those, does he (correct me if I'm wong, I didn't memorize the list)? Also he has a D800, not a D700. Frankly I don't understand your post at all.

Uh? Is the thread not about the issue of taking heavy gear away when travelling and if it is strictly necessary? And does my post not make the point that there are now small, portable alternatives that can match the IQ of the images posted in this thread from said heavy Nikon gear?


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