Got an X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4 today. My first Fuji. I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

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Re: My first Fuji. I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

Reality Check wrote:

Just as it is with any other brand or model, yes you will experience different levels of AF performance with different lenses. One really need not worry about it, it is the nature of the industry and technology. To give it some perspective, there is/was a difference in focusing performance even with manual focus lenses and all one need do with those is turn a ring... If you consider all the variables involved with moving the elements and mechanics inside it is a given that there will be better-worse performance from different lenses.

All else being equal, you can check other things within the scope of the camera itself (focus settings, firmware, etc) as mentioned by others. Understand as well that the fastest AF performance of any camera, regardless of the style of camera, will be single point - not letting the camera guess what you might want to focus on somewhere across the sensor. You may also want to check out another lens, perhaps there is something wrong or needing adjustment with the one you have. There are several reviews online that have demonstrated impressively quick AF and tracking performance, so unless those people received the cream of the production crop the performance should be there.

What may be helpful to the forum, in its response, is what type of AF performance were you expecting...?

Closer to micro four third, here my observations on this:

I just compared the AF speed of the X T1 with the Olympus E P5. It is difficult to measure in absolute terms but subjectively i come to the following observations:
- E P 5: 0,2 seconds (with 17mm 1.8 at 5.6 - center point)
- X T1: 0,8 seconds (with 23 mm 1.4 at 5.6 - center point)
This relates to the time from pressing the shutter button and the actual shot.
Fuji has still a long way to go in the AF department but the files look much nicer and smoother compared to m 4/3. My take is that it comes close to FF. The 23 and 14 are fantastic but don't get too excited as the Sony RX 1 and the Leica Super Elmar 21 doing better in the IQ department.
I slowly divesting my m 4/3 system but keep 2 primes lenses for situations where high AF speed is required in combination with a tilt screen.

To be honest i had hope that Fuji was catching up in the AF department but did not expect it.
Wait for the next generation if AF is your top priority.

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