Shooting in Varanasi with the X-Pro1

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Re: Shooting in Varanasi with the X-Pro1

Len_Gee wrote:

Wow. Really excellent photos. Looks like a surreal place to experience and photograph.

Just wondering what that place must smell like. . :-O. Can you tell us for those who have never been there?

The guys that eat dead human parts found in the river. Did you see or photograph any of them actually eating human parts?

Are there street food vendors there, and did you eat any of the food off the carts. Like curry meat stews. One poster above said Indian food there was best food on earth. Was it?

And thanks for posting.


The smell was actually OK, nothing special to be said, but I came during winter time (15-20°c). I imagine that it is much worse during summer with temp above 40°c

Regarding the Aghori babas the "human bodies eating" activities are part of religious ceremony / meditation, they don't do it so frequently. I did not see it personally but it's a well known and documented fact (just enter Aghori baba on google)

Regarding food I tried to eat as local as possible, but most of the Indian food is vegetarian (as are most of the Hindu). The food was good but not memorably so, at least to me it was far from the best on earth (I prefer Chinese street food for example)

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