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Re: I'm surprised to read this .....

emem wrote:

bkpix wrote:

I tried out a number of lenses on the K-3, including the 21/3.2 Ltd., the 70/2.4 Ltd, the 16-50 DA* and the 50-135 DA*.

Autofocus was noticeably improved over the K-5IIs with all four lenses, but still had issues. The K-3 would frequently fail to lock focus (in AF-S) even in decent light with the 16-50 and the 50-135, meaning I would have to hunt around for a focus point it could read. Sometimes it stuttered back and forth several times before locking.

The 7D with a cheap 28-135 IS lens never failed to find focus and generally focused more quickly. Likewise with the 6D.

I didn't get the opportunity to try any kind of moving target with AF-C.

Miguel on the other forum has a lengthy review of his experience with the K-3 for soccer shooting; he finds the 7D + 100-400L about 20 percent faster and more accurate than the K-3 with a Sigma 100-300 f/4.

I think the K-3 with the DA*60-250 would give that 7D kit a run for its money.

But that was the point I was making - or trying to make. I don't think the body is the limiting factor - I think it's the lens. I have the DA*50-135 - a nice sharp lens but not a fast focus lens at all. I briefly tried a Sigma 100-300 F4 a while back on my K20D and it wasn't very quick either. The Canon L lenses however - za-za-zoom. The DA*60-250 is much quicker on the K-3 - but it's not the sharpest tool in the shed - at least my copy isn't. I also have the Tamron 70-200 2.8 - sharp as a tack but slow as a wet week. I don't know what other choices there are around that focal range. The K-3 is a fantastic body. Just give us some lenses to go with it.

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Mike McEnaney. (emem)

Yeah, the LENS is definitely the limiting factor! I keep my DA* 300 F4 on my K3 most of the time, and it almost always locks focus so quickly it might as well be instantaneously. On the contrary, my macro lenses -- both the Pentax D FA 100mm F 2.8 WR AND ESPECIALLY the Sigma F3.5 180 I bought used last fall -- can sometimes HUNT AND HUNT before they find focus. So it's really NOT so much the camera as it is THE LENS. Paired with the right lens, the K-3 will focus so fast you'll wonder if it wasn't already in the proper focal range when you aimed at whatever it is you were shooting. Paired with some other lenses, you'll DEFINITELY know you're waiting for focus to lock.

Since I don't have experience with CaNikon cameras and some of their lesser lenses, I have no idea if THEIR cameras have similar issues, but I'm guessing they do with certain lenses.


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