Just got the zeiss 24-70mm for my a7r

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Re: Just got the zeiss 24-70mm for my a7r

Dandrewk wrote:

RonFrank wrote:

The images shot with this lens look fine. The vertical lines are straight and that can not be an accident. Except the pano which is sloping in two directions, so maybe your stitching skills need some work.

If you feel there is an issue, send the lens in for servicing. The brain trust on DPReview are all experts I am sure, but the end result is to take the lens in for service if you think that is needed. I would do this under warranty if possible. A camera shop employee may be able to help if you feel there is an issue, then again many camera store employees are minimum wage cashiers with no training.

Lenses are generally better stopped down, but try all apertures and compare the end results. A $1200 lens should not have any huge flaws. If you are publicly displaying prints the first comment will not be 'Was this shot at with a 24mm at f4 as it has light falloff in the corners!"

You can also look at reviews on this lens and that may give you insight as to where the strengths and weakness lie. However if you need to shoot at 24mm do not avoid doing so just because some 'expert' feels 24mm is soft. This is one of the best and in fact the only lens for Sony FF with AF and a range of 24-70mm. It has a blue Zeiss sticker and that should mean at least above average performance at all settings.

I would spend some time with the lens taking photos, and evaluate the lens as you go.

Realize that this Sony Zeiss is not perfect to begin with (the lens is corrected in software I believe) but it is a good tool and capable of producing excellent results. Have fun with your new toy.

Completely agree.

You mention to "look at reviews of this lens". Are there any, outside of "layman" reviews posted here and in other forums? Not many of these are based on a controlled environment involving objective criteria. Most of them claim defects that I just cannot see from the example images.

The lens has been available for about a week. Reviewers may have had pre-release versions for longer than that. Perhaps we can hold off until this website and other reliable sources have had a chance to properly test and evaluate this lens.

FWIW, I now have this lens and (so far) love it. It's pretty much what I would expect from a Zeiss lens. It's not perfect, but then it is a zoom lens. Any "imperfections" arising from that are easily corrected in post.

you can't correct for soft corners at f11 in PP!!!!!

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