Got an X-T1 and 23mm f/1.4 today. My first Fuji. I'm impressed and disappointed at the same time.

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Re: yes - welcome to real world

Real-world translation of that specsheet analysis based on a yet-to-be-available Sony body.

The A6000 has a new sensor - that makes it better..

(it has basically the the same 24mp sensor used in ~six other models/brands, just like other manufacturers do, but more mp makes your epeen harder and that is always better for photography)

The A6000 claims a .02s faster AF system - its better..

(just like other brands that performance is only seen with one specific lens, but hey its another epeen-spec so that doesn't matter)

The A6000 has broader AF point coverage - its better..

(only necessary because you cannot readily use/rely on the low-res low-refresh EVF to set/follow/track the subject yourself)

..but hey we will give you this one because we understand no one in your world buys a camera based on things like ergonomics, functionality, image quality, build quality, system integration, and manufacturer support. We understand your research extends no further than finding that first review raving about something you like, ignoring anything else to the contrary.

There are at least three reviews online for the X-T1 that clearly demonstrate its impressive functionality. A link would be quicker we know, but it might be a learning experience in temperament to find them yourself (a hint as to their content; wedding, equestrian, tourism). You 'can' look them up if you wish to broaden your perspective - but you 'should' look them up before making the assertion this or that is the best - especially when most of your assessment is based on advertising specs and hype.

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