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Re: A7r Annoying Me

Robert Cain wrote:

Hi All

I have started a Local Project On the Gt West Road The Golden Mile.

Its a Famous UK road for industry Etc.

Six mile walk up then six mile walk back.

These are a few issues with A7r which are beginning to annoy me.

Start the camera up when I begin walk takes 15/20 seconds to start up ready for shooting.

Mine takes maybe 2 seconds.

Leave the camera switched on all the time carry 2 spare Sony batteries.

Happy taking shots when camera will shut down VF and screen just go black have to switch off and then back on to use again.

Sometimes camera will just not focus I can see image through VF and screen but will just not focus.

Turn Off back on OK.

Sounds like your A7r has some issues and is in need of a trip to get fixed

Use single shot and focus point on center of screen only using 55mm f1.8FE.

Another annoying trick camera has,camera left on all the time no sleeping to save battery life.

What is the sleep setting set to in the settings?

lift camera up to take shot screen on but no info have to wait 5/10 seconds for info appear to shoot.

When Finished shooting turn camera off and camera sounds like its taking 2 shots.

That is part of the anti dust system.

Have tried several SD cards and the 3 batteries.

Anyone else seeing this?



PS a few shots from the project at the link below.


Still Breathing

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