Are D700 owners buying D4s?

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Are D700 owners buying D4s?

This is a casual chat for D700 owners who have not bought a newer camera,

whether we are buying the D4s or not.

oooooo     D700 already an OVERKILL for me oooooo

I had the D300, later swapped to D700, to shoot family photos of my now 4 and 8 year old daughters. The high ISO improvement in D700 was so pleasing.

I bring D700 out less often nowadays. I used to use the camera every day.

Maybe, the aged D700 is less attractive to me than the new D700 in 2009

I thought a Compact P7700 with SB800 would be as good as D700.

No, it's not. Despite the powerful SB800, P7700 + SB800 is still not as good in dark indoors than D700 + SB800.

Another thread said D700 is already VERY GOOD, even compared to the EXCELLENT
D610/D800/D4/Df. I don't have the newer camera. But am happy that the general consensus

the same as my feeling.

oooooo    WHAT ABOUT THE LENS   oooooo

I have accummulated many Nikon lens: 35/2D, 50/1.4G, 85/1.4G, 105/2.8Micro

18-35 G,24-70 G, 70-200 II

The traditional wisdom is to invest on lens, and not as much on bodies. That's

what I did.

So...  if it's really the plateau of Sensor development, do I just put those lens on

ONE camera, my trusty D700?

If I were to start again, I think mirrorless is better for me than D700. But mirrorless

were not as good then (2009) when I bought the D700. And I have accummulated

so many lens already. I don't want to sell them. The lens are expensive by itself. Also, it was hard to get some of those lens when I bought it. The 85/1.4G took a long time to ship.

ooooo   Cons of D4s oooooo

Thanks to another thread. D4 Owners said they don't miss the built in flash. D4s is heavier and larger. But if I had wanted smaller size, I just go with my compact P7700.

ooooo Is D4s a wise buy? ooooo

I regreted not buying the D800. It seems more suitable. And it's targeted to me, amateur (as opposed to photojournalist pro). But I did not buy it as there were bugs...  Left AF focus, green LCD screen.

I suspect that I would just feel very happy with D4s after the purchase.

I hope that I would not have buyer's remorse, "This D4s is so heavy that I never use it, and I regret buying it." I do use D700 + Grip MB-D10. It should be heavier than a D3, and it feels fine. So, i hope D4s is not so large that I don't want to use it.

I don't have the option of "making it smaller by removing the grip MB-D10". But as I said, if I wanted small, just bring the P7700, or use my smart phone.

I came to DPReview every day. I read all about D800, D800E... know of the Dead Battery syndrome, etc... (By the way, I haven't heard of any recent dead battery syndrome. Is that a disease of the past already?)

So, day in, day out, just read webpages, and become internet armchair expert...   In a way, i want "self-actualization". Just buy a D4s, and be done with it. As others said, "We only go around once."

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