I just bought D7100

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Re: I just bought D7100

Rodger1943 wrote:

Rudy from Ottawa got a D7100 and he is producing some amazing shots from his Nikon. I think it depends a lot on the lens system you have. I was recently in Costa Rica with a friend who was using a Nikon D300s and I was consistently getting better images from the FZ200 than he was. That shouldn't be the case. It wasn't just the odd shot, nearly every shot from the FZ200 was at least equal and usually better. I don't think I saw any that were inferior. I put it down to his 300mm lens, which was old and unstabilised. He had 4 different lens and some were sharper than others. So my theory is that interchangable lens cameras are only as good as the lens you put on the front. With the FZ200 you have a very good lens for all situations. I think that's a pretty good advantage.

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Panasonic FZ200

Yes, it was Rudy the traitor, but not me.

BTW I believe what you are saying about your friend with D300.

I wish I didn't buy D7100, because it may require investment in a better lens.

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Adam Kielcz

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