Why I Was Angry With Olympus (WARNING GEAR THREAD!)

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Why I Was Angry With Olympus (WARNING GEAR THREAD!)



I've actually thought about posting this several times but so many are quick to bash anything that differs from their view or if it's a thread that they construe as being negative. This is simply rehashing old news so if it's not your cup of tea don't participate.

Today I was reading a thread on the Nikon DSLR forum that proclaimed the DSLR Wars are over, here is the link http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/53190919 I think it's worth reading. You might ask what does this have to do with me being angry with Olympus? Some of the posters in this thread stated what many of us have long known, that since the D700, D3, 5D MKII or _____ (you fill in the blank), the only hindrance to making great pictures was the photographer. Most of us acknowledge that some technology makes the photo making process easier, but put a D700, E3 or EP3 in the hands of to many on this forum and they will make great photos.

I should point out that I'm an Olympus Fan Boy, just last week I purchased my wife a new EP3 and will be acquiring a few lenses for her over the next couple months. I admire the way Olympus thinks out of the box with their innovation their quality control is top notch.

Olympus marketing has to work with a smaller budget then some competitors and I think they have been doing a pretty decent job as of late especially with the EM-1's release. I now find the m4/3rds cameras in stores that hadn't carried Olympus for a long time. I think this shows if you make something customers demand stores will want to sell it.

I don't attribute the success of m43 to it's size, I believe it's the new sensor that gave them new life. Allow me to illustrate my point, imagine how an OMD EM5 might have been received with the same old dated 12 mp sensor?

If you can't tell by now I think killing off 4/3rds was a Big Mistake! It may be true that going from a D700 to D4 to D800 to 5D MKII really doesn't make all that much difference anymore, but a new sensor in Olympus an DSLR would have been attractive to most of not all current 4/3 user plus possibly for the first time drawn in new users.

The other thread I linked to above had a post that stated DSLR's like computers have reached the good enough stage similar to computers. I agree everyone else's DSLR's reached the good enough stage a few years ago but NOT OLYMPUS and when they had the chance to put on the crown they shot themselves in the foot in my opinion.

Olympus shooters have had to deal with a CRAPPY sensor (speaking in terms of ISO) for years, now they finally had a chance to give us a state of the art sensor and now they pull the plug......scratching my head over this one.

Continuing with the thought from the previous linked to thread, if Olympus had given us an E1 MKII or E7 it would have been good enough for a long long time, they could have continued to sell it for many years. Not only could Olympus have recouped their investment in RD but they would have been able to sell a lot more of their wonderful SHG glass that they already have developed.

If you follow the Nikon boards you would know that they are screaming for a D300 replacement after all these years. Maybe an E7 with Wifi, GPS etc etc along with their great new sensor would have attracted a few ship jumpers. Just think of an E-1 MKII, a new telephoto, the great new sensor and of course the ability to natively use the Zuiko SHG's and you start to see what could have been the best Pro Crop sensor system on the market, a first for Olympus.

I understand the EM-1 gives most what I want, just add the adapter, the not quite as good auto focus and for sports and wildlife shooters the lack of mirror. Don't get me wrong I really like the EM-1, I just think Olympus could have ALSO been the leader in the PRO crop sensor (I really hate that inaccurate term) market.

If they had updated the SHG's maybe added a 400 f5.6 or similar with a state of the art smaller DSLR they would have sold to most all of us and anyone wanting a pro non FF body for the longer reach, sports and wildlife shooters possibly?

I remember when 4/3 with SHG's image quality would be compared to FF and would fair pretty well. I think these the m43 and 4/3 systems would have sat well beside and Olympus would have been represented in both markets.

I'll never understand why Olympus diminishes their brand identity with three types of Pens and now it looks like they are doing it with the OMDs? How about the Pen for a small carry everywhere body, maybe two OMD's an enthusiast model EM10 or 5 and the Pro model. I could see owning a Pen for my personal travel or just a small really good family camera. The OMD entry model would be for those more serious and the EM1 would be great for portraits, studio work and maybe landscapes. Now if you still had a DSLR you could be at the top of the heap for sports, BIF and wildlife with the extra reach.

I also believe those that used the E5's sales numbers to estimate how an E? would have faired are way off the mark. The newer sensor would have given almost all 4/3 users reason to upgrade not to mention buy more lenses. Yes I really believe Olympus was on the verge of a DSLR that could have withstood the test of time and maybe had a run of a decade or more.

Well I promise to never bring this subject up again as this HAS become as much a m4/3 forum as it is 4/3 and that is a good thing I guess given the way things have turned out. I just had a vision of how things could have been with our stellar lenses and a new sensor OR are things already their with the EM-1?

While many argue the EM-1 is the continuation of 4/3rds to me it's not, yes my lenses work somewhat well with an adapter, but like most things it can't be a jack of all trades. The EM-1 is a fantastic camera with native lenses that I most certainly can't wait to own and I'm not trying to diminish in any way. I'm simply pointing out that the market is ripe for a PRO crop sensor DSLR for sports and wildlife photographers and what could have been better then an E1 size body with all the latest gadgets and new sensor? Olympus could have done both and made money doing it, this is not to mention retaining the good will of it's long time customers.

I will probably end up like Thomas Kolenich and use a combination of D3s and EM1 since we shoot similar venues. I will have my second studio starting Saturday and I think most of my current gear will work just fine, most of my money (or lack of I should say) will be gobbled up by upgrading studio lights etc etc.

Please feel free to post your comments on what will or should become the last they should have or shouldn't have thread.

I should end by saying RIP fourthirds but many believe it has been reincarnated in a new form with the EM-1 so I'll leave it at that.


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"It wasn't the size of their sensor it's how it performed that mattered"


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