Cannon Powershot D30 -- Been waiting 25 Years for this!!!

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Re: Cannon Powershot D30 -- Been waiting 25 Years for this!!!

Rmark wrote:

In diving, 33 ft would be 1 additional atmosphere of pressure. At sea level you are at 1 atmosphere, at 33 feet 2 atmosphere. If the D30 can do 82 ft that would be a great diving vacation camera.

I have been diving and taking photos for 20+ years and rarely need to go deeper than 70 feet, unless looking for some thing specific. I think the early waterproof cameras were for snorkeling, but the D30 shows promise as a dive camera.

If Nikon ,with their Nikonos rangefinder camera could do 50 meters of depth, 40 years ago, certainly the technology was there to copy.

It's a question of cost rather than technology. The technology employed in the Nikonos of die cast sections and air tight seals to enable it to achieve those depths was not particularly advanced but the cost of building such a device was high and without regular maintenance they would often leak.  A digital underwater camera and housing can be obtained for little more than the typical cost of servicing a Nikonos V.

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