Need advice: Panny 14-45, 12-35, or 14-140 for travel lens.

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Re: Need advice: Panny 14-45, 12-35, or 14-140 for travel lens.

Len_Gee wrote:

Just not sure if 12-35 @ $1000 is that much better than 14-45 @$300. Is it?

Stopped down, no... but indoors, sure.  The focal range is actually superior on the 14-45 because you can turn the camera and stitch for wider FOV (with the added benefit of more pixels than a single shot at 12mm), while reach is limited by the max focal length on hand.  Given this versatility and IQ across the full range, I wouldn't trade my 14-45 for the 12-35 for landscapes (not for even money) though there have been rare occasions hiking back after sunset where f2.8 vs f5.6 does make the difference between a keeper and noisy(-or-blurry) mess.  Optically the 14-45 is as good as kit lenses get, and though I print very large (A1+) the results are at least as good as I have ever gotten from a zoom (Canon L-zooms on FF included).  The Olympus 12-40 is tempting, but it is larger, and given the cost I am not sure I would ever get my money's worth since I habitually shoot in the f5.6-f8 range.

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