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Re: D800 or D610

Karl Summers wrote:

I was contemplating the two before deciding on the D610. Some questions I asked myself:

1. Am I a working professional who makes money with my photography?

2. Do I really need 36 megapixels?

3. Is the superior auto-exposure bracketing worth $800 more?

4. Do I really need all those focus points?2925

I answered "no" to all those questions, but the utter greed in me told me I needed the absolute best DSLR sensor camera out there. There's no telling what I could do with a 36mp image....literally, no telling. I couldn't reason why I needed so much. The image quality between the two cameras is not discernable to those other than professional pixel peepers, IMHO.

In the end, I got the D610, saved myself $800, and got a BUTT LOAD of extra gear instead(battery grip, L bracket, BlackRapid camera strap, cable release, etc).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, the low light performance difference: 2925 for the D800 vs. 2853 for the D610...negligent.

Get the D610.

I used that thinking when I was buying my 5100 vs say, 7000, and well, only a year later that yielded me a couple nice, entry-level lenses (albeit FX), extra batteries, a grip, and a few more dips and doodles that all fail to make 5100 a camera I could use comfortably now (after a year), whereas even a 7000 would've lasted me longer.

So I'd say given availability of funds and a desire to keep progressing in this field, better gear will last long enough to make it worth the money.

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