Masking in PP problem

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Re: Masking in PP problem

Darrell Spreen wrote:

Briansdad1 wrote:

Does anyone know techniques that would improve on results?

My technique is pretty much the same as KKardster's and is time-consuming. However, I have one extra trick I have used which I thought worked very well. When I have finished the selection the best I can and have the (almost) finished picture, I use about a 70% blur brush with a very small radius and go around the outline of the person -- usually twice or three times. This obviously blurs the outline edge of the person, but it also blends the edge into the background and makes the transition much less noticeable.

I'm not sure - I have not tried your method - but I may get similar results by blurring different parts of the background at different amounts, and selectively blurring some areas with the "Blur-(brush)" tool, rather than blur-filters.

We may be describing the same thing in different words.

Basically, I'll blur a sort of "Halo" around the head only a little - then maybe a wider halo and then the rest, or just the rest of the background. Sort of trying to reproduce what limited depth of field does, by having the parts closer to the subject less out-of focus than things farther away.

Then the blur brush to specific things in the background that stand out too much.

Individual hairs can be a REAL problem, and I'm not above trimming a few, and emphasizing some which are easier to deal with so the observer sees hairs and so (hopefully) doesn't notice how few are there.  

Sort of like doing studio portraits decades ago: focussing on the eyes with long-focal length lenses in shooting portraits with 4x5" or 5x7" film: it was well recognized back then, that if the eyes are sharp, the observer will unconciously perceive the whole face as sharp.

Back then we were fighting too much "bokeh", now we're fighting too much DOF.  

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