For those who wants to invest in APS-C, but is not sure about Sony's commitment to APS-C.

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For those who wants to invest in APS-C, but is not sure about Sony's commitment to APS-C.

I am strongly considering A6000 as many others I'm sure. However, many of us asked themselves what if Sony will stop producing new APS-C lenses and bodies? We haven't seen roadmap for long time already (not that there are no lenses, but there are certainly gaps and frankly some lenses could be updated to mk.II versions) . Understandably, people are hesitant to but APS-C cameras because of that. Many start to look at FF cameras like A7/r, but they are scratching their heads due to high price of A7/r (compared to $648 of A6000) or bigger body and/or bigger lenses or many of us simply want to have latest and best AF of A6000. What to do? Seems like there's no way out of this situation. Well, here's my way out. It's simple and I'm sure many already decided to do so, but just in case if someone will find it helpful:

1. I'm going to go ahead and buy A6000. I'm going to enjoy fast AF.

2. I'm going to use my APS-C e-mount lenses (still have Nex-5N) and buy some more APS-C e-mount lenses without fear and enjoy them for as long as I want.

3. Even if Sony stop making new bodies and lenses and they decide to go FF all the way, I'll still use my APS-C lenses in crop mode on future FF Sony cameras. Now here's 2 conditions that will make this ideal and painless: 1) Even current A7R sensor can do 16Mp in crop mode, which is already enough for me (same as NEX-6 basically) and more importantly I'm sure future sensors will do 20Mp and even 24Mp in crop mode. So there's plenty of time and room there. 2) AF in future FF cameras will get faster, at least like A6000, if not faster. So I will not give up my fast AF in future when I decide to go FF.

4. As a bonus (if I later go FF route) I will have ability to nicely use all my APS-C lenses in crop mode (16Mp or 20Mp or even maybe 24Mp) when I need portability or I'll use FE lenses if IQ will be main goal.

So basically no APS-C lens will be lost or wasted. Everything will be put in good use. Moreover, APS-C lenses will expand my capabilities when portability will be needed. So APS-C lenses will compliment my system - I think that is best way to go ahead and buy A6000 and any APS-C lens that you need right now without much fear of future. Start enjoy your photography now instead of waiting and saving money for possible FF in future. No investment will be lost, everything will be put to a good use.

Again, I'm sure this was obvious for many long time ago, but maybe someone will find it helpful.

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