What does the "E" in "X-E1" stand for? "T" in "X-T1"?

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Re: T=Tough

David McGaughey wrote:


Well that seems conclusive enough, I doubt The Verge would lie about a rep saying it means "tough" and it syncs with the weather sealing being the main differentiator of the X-T1 (assuming that most of it's other features will be in the X-Pro2 and X-E3 when they come out).

I forgot about the X-M1 and X-A1. Amateur makes sense for the A1, though I doubt they'll even continue that line in the future, too confusing for people to choose between M1/A1 when the prices are so similar. Would have been better to have only the M1 but callit the A1 and have it mean "amateur". Amateur->enthusiast->pro is fairly logical. Semantically the first two blur together in meaning but so do the audiences for the cameras, as both are appropriate for amateurs or enthusiasts (depending mostly on their wallet

So the final question is WTF X-M1 stands for. Mirrorless comes to mind but means nothing in differentiating it from the other X mount cameras. If any of them is simply alphabet soup I bet it's that one. They probably wrote down "XPro1 X-E1 X-A1 X-T1" then tried every other letter to find one that looked different enough to not be confusing

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