Received the Carl Zeiss Contax 90mm F2.8 today.

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Re: Are there other Contax G to Emount adapters out there worth investigating?

Perhaps is better to go directly to autofocus models.  I think are worth at aproximatelly double price  the Metabones.

I am not an expert on all adapters but my experience is with cheapo adapters for the A7.

I finally ended with Metabones and the German maker I do not remember the name but you surely know .  there are intemediate quality makers at a price in between.  the metabones has more surface to grip the focus but is not all the surface milled around.

the springs that fix the lens in place are a week point. on cheaper adapters are badly made making a notch in the mount.   a good adapter has dedicated springs.  also th einfinity focus can be an issue.

I think Sony shuld pay us for dealing  with the adapters.  the native lens are very expensive for a supposed unchecked quality.

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