Received the Carl Zeiss Contax 90mm F2.8 today.

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Re: Received the Carl Zeiss Contax 90mm F2.8 today.

Excellent decision.

I got one (90mm) also with the metabones adapter. (contax G mount lens)

the focus is easy than with other adapters but I would like the autofocus function.

the lens color is a bit on the warm side. 90mm is a bit long focal at home. is an excellent lens and the cheapest one of the G mount.

I cannot compare with other prime lens. the only 90 I had was a summicron.  was excellent and the color was perfect.

The metabones adapter locking switch  is impossible to lock completely. I do not know if it is a problem with my unit or in general.

I plan to left  one adapter on each lens as are two lens only at the moment.

the adpter is an excellent finished piece. a pity the lock switch issue.

I Got the 45mm also. both look excellent finished.

I am affraid of getting the 28mm.   My camera is an A7   (not R model)

I am not going to mess with the 21mm.  actually have a 21 and 15 Voightlander

I ordered a AF adapter from ebay in the hope to improbe speed focusing, expecially the 90mm.

is a Techart o something like maker.

it is a complement for my future 24-70.  I am hesitant of getting the zoom as it got  bad reviews.

Any way I own a canon  24-105.  more of 1k euro for the Sony zoom is expensive por such a short zoom.

the price/quality ratio and the sensor reflections make me stop investing in the A7 mount.

it is time to make a decision, to OSS or not, that is the question.   the price and troubles make me want to check any legacy Minolta lens first.    (I got the LEAa4 with the camera and it rests unused)

finally I wonder if an A mount 28-70 of 2,8 could be a cheaper-same quality solution.

What do all of you think about it?

please, help me to decide, Sony 24-70 or not?

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