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Of course it does!

sassenach74 wrote:

tex wrote:

you sound like one of the people that should not have gotten this camera. I knew it was slow before I purchased it. My work is set up stuff, even in the field. I have no need for quick response. While your times seem abnormally slow---suggesting something wrong at your end---nobody who paid attention to the specs would have chosen this camera as a quick response device.

Perhaps you didn't fully account for your own style of shooting?

Shooting style has nothing to do with how long a camera takes to start up.

Having a shooting style that requires a quick response from a camera, and not purchasing one that has that? How does this make sense?  The specs are plain.

You knew start up could often take 10-20 seconds before you bought it? Really?

But, as I said if you had read my response more carefully---which you did not given your response---my A7r is not nearly this slow.  A couple or 3 seconds at the most---so I think something is wrong at his end, as I said.  Could be a bad unit, could be something else.  I have no idea since I have not experienced anything like this.  Still given my experiences, which are far faster, not something I'd want to do rapid response with given its somewhat leisurely start up times.

Terrible response from you.

Back atcha.

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