What does the "E" in "X-E1" stand for? "T" in "X-T1"?

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What does the "E" in "X-E1" stand for? "T" in "X-T1"?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I don't think I've ever come across the answer while browsing Fuji's (delightfully awkward) website or these forums. I tried a google search and a forum search, but as is often the case, searching for the meaning of an acronym with punctuation in it didn't work very well.

My guess for "E": "Enthusiast", as in "the enthusiast-grade X camera, model 1" (or 2 for the X-E2).

My guess for "T": Can't think of anything good other than maybe just "X-Trans" as in "the ultimate X-Trans camera".

In case there is no answer we at least have the subliminal advertising explanation that they just wanted it to sound like "Sexy one". Funny but unlikely, despite the deepening hilarity of having the follow up be –effectively– named "Sexy too".

Of course I'm being incredibly anglocentric by assuming that the letters would refer to an English word, but that seems like a reasonable bet in this particular timeline. Multilingual Fuji manuals have Japanese as the first language (and clearly the English materials are translated from Japanese) but it seems doubtful that a capital E would refer to something Japanese and the biggest global market is almost definitely English people (as well as the most common second language for Japanese people).

Would be neat if they came out with a camera who's name had kanji symbols in it, but would almost definitely be marketing seppuku

On a related note, I am into the naming scheme Fuji is putting out there compared to the competition. What is up with Olympus and their acronym fetish? Can we get an OMD-1/OM-D5/OMD-10 up in here?

P.S. Just got my Sexy One in the mail and am digging it a ton already. Played with it just enough to know I need the firmware updates and am now waiting for the battery to be fully charged to really get started

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