What is a 'Pro' Photographer, really?

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Let's make it simple:

Have you ever seen a bad hollywood movie? I don't know how cinematic you are, but ever notice those badly cloned wires, lack of continuity (most abundant flaw in hollywood flicks from wardrobe to lines) sloppily dubbed parts (couldn't be bothered to get that one studio line right on the set? had to dub in post?) and if course in the big picture: bad plot, bad concept, bad execution, bad camera work, bad music, and bad acting.

If bad movies can get to top 20, how bad do you think you can find in place 6542? But I'm sure I don't have to drive this point home, I think anyone who's ever seen a movie has seen a bad movie.

It's is very likely that the people responsible for the bad movie paid $100 grand to go to film school/acting school, spent years studying their chosen profession and in the case of directions, have millions worth of gear to use for their work.

They're called professional directors and professional actors, and especially if you look at the directors who aren't good enough to get Miramax or Disney to splurge a few million on them you can find some pretty abysmal performances.

Then there are the guys with $2000 worth of gear that make movies that make you cry every time you watch them, and make you want to watch them again and cry again and again. Most of them didn't go to film school and didn't pay tuition fees, but that doesn't mean they didn't train - with their dad's consumer video cameras and VCR recorders and later on old tv cameras gotten from tv studios that were getting rid of them switching to new equipment and mixing rooms some nice guy at the TV studio let them use after hours when their own people didn't need it.

According to some people here, only the latter kind of people should be called professional, and the fat cats who spent $100 grand on film school only to not learn how to make movies that move people should not be called professionals.

I think it stands to reason that anyone managing to sell their film, be it a guy with a $2000 camera or a guy with a $200k Arriflex and a crew of 300, deserves to be called professional. Likewise for photography.

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