Pana 20/1.7 (version II) vs Oly 17/1.8?? Need help deciding.

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Re: Pana 20/1.7 (version II) vs Oly 17/1.8?? Need help deciding.

rgs_45 wrote:

Aside the the 3mm difference in FL, what advantages and disadvantages of getting either the Pana or Oly lens?? For someone that has or used both, which has better sharpness, IQ? Which has faster focusing speed?

Pana: (+) cheaper, smaller, faster

You mean "slightly faster" and only $60 cheaper. Neither one seems like a deal breaker to me. If the 20mm was an f/1.4 lens.... or cost $100 less, then maybe. A pancake is definitely a plus.

Oly: (+) better built (to me), wider coverage (-) more expensive

Wider coverage is a big deal.

At these focal lengths, 3mm is a lot on the wide end. They may seem to be similar, but they really serve slightly different purposes.

It may not be practical to own BOTH of these focal lengths, but if I wanted two prime lenses it would be 17mm and 25mm, or 17mm and 12mm, or even 17mm and 45mm.

I'm deciding which one to get and need some help. Will be used mainly indoors and low light shooting and maybe 10-20% video (short clips only). Will be getting one in a week for a trip. I have a GX1

Appreciate your help.

You failed to mention the AF issue. The 20mm f/1.7 is notorious for being a sluggish AF performer. Also, there is a banding issue if you use certain Olympus cameras with it.

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