A7r Annoying Me

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Re: A7r Annoying Me

SQLGuy wrote:

I shoot with both the FE kit lens and a lot of manual glass on my A7. The slowest it ever gets is if I shut it off and immediately turn it back on... that's about 5 seconds before it's ready to shoot again. Normal startup, if it 's been off for more than 10 seconds, is less than a second. Maybe 3 or 4 seconds to start after changing the battery.

I normally shut it off between shots, but I just tested with letting it go to sleep and waking it up. This took about one second to be ready to shoot with bringing my eye to the EVF and half-pressing the shutter. If I were using the LCD it might have been a slight bit faster, since it lights the LCD first and then switches to the EVF.

The A7 and A7R have so much in common that I'm finding it hard to believe the A7R should be that much slower without something being wrong with that particular camera.

that's pretty much how my a7r behaves, but on the other hand, how many complaints of this nature have we seen about the a7... not so many, maybe??

i'm a tech, so i troubleshoot things, hence the suggestion to compare lenses... process of elimination, but not everyone is up for that.

wrt the other poster, glad to hear that the nex cameras also occasionally take those random shots at shutdown, thanks.

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