Our photos after we are gone ?

Started Feb 8, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Much thanks guys

Late to the game, sorry, but an interesting topic for sure.

Our digital lives are intangible, and so ironically we might be the most recorded humans ever but might leave behind very few physical items to be remembered by.

My photographic endeavours don't amount to much, but a handful of snaps might be worthy of notice by the general public.   One consideration for those who are thinking of donating a huge body of work to a stock agency...as laudable a notion as that is and one that saves their 'legacy' to some extent, do think of the fact you'll be taking business from the hands of the living.  Unless you want any proceeds to go to your descendants of course.

It's quite a thought, isn't it, that our images mean so much to us when we're alive, but they're useless to most people really unless they're of other people who can preserve them.  It makes all my landscape/animal photography seem rather pointless really, but I guess it give transient pleasure when I get home and examine what I've captured.

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