X-E1 vs X-M1 for novice

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X-E1 vs X-M1 for novice

I currently have the hx9v and looking to upgrade to a mirror less. I mostly shoot when i travel, and at times this involves low light indoor and outdoor.

At first, I wanted to upgrade to NEX6 until I saw somewhere that the X E1 had better image quality at low light/high iso. Now I'm looking at the E1 and M1 but just not sure which to get.

When researching the image quality differences in the X line I found some interesting things:

-some said that M1 and A1 were similar images depending on the type of processing
-others that A1 > M1
-and that M1 little better than E1 due to new sensor

I was able to look at the M1 and E1 bodies, but was not able to power. I was already resigned that this will be much bigger than my current camera, so the size difference isn't an issue.

+ Fells better in hand
+ I like the idea of easily changing manual controls
+ looks nicer
+ better kit glass
- Full manual might not be suited for new user

+ Tilting LCD
+ New sensor
+ Face detection
- no EVF (although haven't had one to use)
- cheaper kit glass
- Not quite as nice looking/feeling

I'm certainly leaning towards the E1, but the one negative thing is a major deterrent, seems most who buy E1 already have full DSLRs and experience.

On the other hand the full manual is precicesly the thing that would make learning it easier.

I have never shot in RAW before, but neither have i edited my photos on the computer. I don't really see myself starting to either, unless i see a good reason to.

Would the E1 be too much of a jump from a P&S? Are there any novices who purchased it? Also at times I will have to had the camera to someone to shoot, how would this work out?

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