Diffraction Limit Discussion Continuation

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Re: Duck, duck, goose.

Jonny Boyd wrote:


'The diffraction limit for a system occurs at the aperture at which any further reduction in settable aperture size will cause a visible decrease in image resolution.'

'for a system' clarifies that the sensor resolution and viewing method are factors.

'settable aperture size' allows for the fact that different lenses have different limitations on how precisely the aperture is controlled.

You do realize that for practical purpose, this definition of 'diffraction limit' has zero meaning for cross-system comparisons, esp. regarding systems with the same sensor size but different sensor pixel counts (i.e. different physical pixel sizes)?

And more specifically, the particular interpretation that sensors with higher pixel counts are somehow worse than those with lower pixel counts because one could notice the 'visible diffraction limit' earlier is pure nonsense.

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