A7r Annoying Me

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Re: A7r Annoying Me

Robert Cain wrote:

Start the camera up when I begin walk takes 15/20 seconds to start up ready for shooting.

Really? My A7R takes appr 5-7s after a battery change, otherwise it takes 2-3s to start up.

Leave the camera switched on all the time carry 2 spare Sony batteries.

Another annoying trick camera has,camera left on all the time no sleeping to save battery life. lift camera up to take shot screen on but no info have to wait 5/10 seconds for info appear to shoot.

I always shut off the camera manually between sessions. If I flick it on in the same movement as i put it up to my eye, percieved startup time is reduced considerably.

When Finished shooting turn camera off and camera sounds like its taking 2 shots.

It sounds as the sensor cleaning action the camera does now and then. Makes no difference in practical use does it?

Have tried several SD cards and the 3 batteries.

What brand and speed of SD, and what brand of batteries?

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