Is there anything today that feels even marginally like an OM-2?

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Re: That's a personal question

Becksvart wrote:

darklamp wrote:

You have your own idea of what an OM-2 felt like to use. Your perceptions may not match anyone else's. Therein lies the problem.

I don't think anyone would hold an OM-2 and not say it felt like a small all-metal SLR,

That's obviously true.

but sure, some may not like that.

Here's the interesting thing to me. My first SLRs (mid-70s) were OM1 and OM10 with Zuiko 27 (or 28?), 50 and 135mm lenses. I loved them; they just felt right. They were stolen in about 1985 and I couldn't afford to replace them so I moved to Pentax.

I switched to digital in 2006 and I've stuck with Pentax - all with modern grips and recently solid, magnesium bodies. So I know what a small(ish) metal DSLR feels like. Through my family I have access to a wide range of different cameras from modern compact superzoom to 66 format medium format film.

One of those cameras is an OM2 with the same Zuiko 50mm I used to use. I never understood comments online about cameras being unbalanced: I just hold under the lens where the body-lens combination balances ...

... until I picked up that OM2 in 2011. Without a grip for my right hand I almost dropped the camera as I picked it up because it was so front-heavy. I understood "unbalanced" for the first time. As I used (almost exactly) that combination for 10 years quite happily, and I'd only been using digital for half that time, it must be recent familiarity that governs how we feel about things.

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