DSLR IQ - The Wars are Over

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DSLR IQ - The Wars are Over

Now that the D4s is released and the Df is old news and the newest lenses have made their small improvements and compromises...I think it's time to realize that this is pretty much the END OF THE LINE.

Since the D3 and D7 and Canon 5D and 5DII (among a few others) we've reached a plateau of sensor and optical performance that will continue to be pushed, but will matter less and less for actual photographic arts and industry. In other words, if you can't make a good photo with this stuff, you never will.

How much better REALLY is my Df and D800 over my previous D700? Well, I suppose when I'm shooting in Godzilla's cave the Df has its moments. And when I need to crop or make a big blow up, the D800 has this extra MP. Naturally there are other advantages from color to DR, but the truth is that most of it matters very little to most shooters.

Six years later a D700 can go toe-to-toe with most any DSLR and in skilled hands will produce pro-grade output. My newer gear is a bit better at the extremes, but it rarely makes me think "Gee, this would never have been possible with my old D700 sensor.

And with 36 mp pushing the limits of lenses and skill levels, jumping to 50 mp will likely make a difference to an even smaller group. Of course Nikon and Canon cannot afford to think this way. It's their job to make use WANT 50 MP and 11 FPS.

This is why Nikon built the Df. (Ahh, you knew I'd bring it up!). With a spectacular amount of sameness across the sensor lineups and form-factors, designers are looking for other ways to make product lines look more diverse and interesting. Expect Canon to create a digital Canonet 28 soon enough.

In the end it comes down to need vs. want. You may want the D4s over a D4 or or a Df over a D610 or a Coolpix P7800 over a Canon S110, but in many cases it may not be what you need.

You really CAN'T go wrong with a 5DIII, Df or picking up a used D700. There's a good DSLR for pretty much any requirement and most will cover a wide range in skilled hands.

The DSLR wars are pretty much over. And we all won.



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